Underbites can be moderate to severe in nature. In general, underbites are where the lower jaw and teeth extend out in front of the upper front teeth. Underbites usually have very little or no contact at all of the front teeth. In moderate underbites, the front teeth bites edge to edge which induces forward jaw movements resulting in trauma and excessive wear on the front teeth. This can also cause excessive tooth mobility on the front teeth leading to periodontal disease such as gum recession and bone loss. Severe underbites result in tooth contact only on the back teeth. This results in compromised chewing and excessive wear on the back teeth.

Treatment of underbites if started early enough can prevent permanent damage to the teeth and gums. In severe underbites, jaw surgery may be required to reestablish proper contact if the teeth and jaws. Correction of underbites also results in improved lip posture and facial appearance.

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