Spacing between the teeth can result from oversizing of the jaw and undersizing of the teeth, from oral habits such as thumbsucking and tongue thrust which cause the upper teeth to protrude and space and due to congenital absence of permanent teeth.

In adults, spacing can result from weakening of the supporting tooth structures due to periodontal disease associated with bone loss and gum recession. This is particularly noticeable when posterior teeth have been lost due to decay or gum disease resulting in excessive occlusal forces on the front teeth during function.

Spacing between the teeth can result in damage to gum and bone supporting tissue due to food impaction when chewing. Spacing can result in an unstable occlusion due to continued shifting of the teeth during function. Many people are self conscious and unhappy with their smile due to excessive spacing.

Treatment of spacing problems is successful with orthodontic treatment at any age. In children, once oral habits are controlled, spaces can be closed successfully. In most children, braces are used to close spaces but in adolescents and adults, Invisalign treatment is ideal for esthetic reasons.

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