Overbites are characterized by the upper teeth extending (protruding) too far forward and/or the lower teeth not extending for enough (receding). This is sometimes called "buck teeth".

Overbites can cause abnormal wearing of the teeth usually due to a lack of contact of the front teeth and excessive contact of the back
teeth, inefficient chewing function and misalignment of jaw joints leading to TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction). This can lead to chronic headaches and face and neckpain. Teeth that are protruding are more susceptible to accident trauma and fracture, especially in young children.

To correct overbites in children or adolescents appliances can be used to restrain upper jaw growth and to develop the lower jaw and teeth into a more forward position. In this way, the upper and lower jaw will meet together for a great fit of the teeth. Also, the facial and dental appearance is enhanced to give you a great smile.

In growing children, functional appliances can be used in combination with orthodontic braces to achieve correction of the overbite. When facial growth is completed usually around 14 years of age in females and 16 years of age in males, other orthodontic treatment involving extractions of teeth or jaw surgery may be necessary to correct the overbite.

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