• Banding
    • The process of cementing orthodontic bands to the teeth
  • Bite
    • An imprint of the teeth, usually on wax used to examine the relationship of the upper and lower teeth on study models
  • Bite plane
    • A removable appliance made of acrylic designed to open a deep bite
  • Bonding
    • The process of attaching brackets to the teeth using a special glue
  • Braces
    • a round or flat metal wire placed against the surfaces of the teeth for straightening irregularly arranged teeth.
  • Braces
    • Appliances used to move teeth and jaws into the correct position
  • Bracket
    • A metal or ceramic or porcelain attachment that is glued onto a tooth and serves as a means of fastening the arch wire
  • Breakaway
    • A safety device used in headgear
  • Bridge
    • An artificial appliance used to replace the natural teeth, which is bonded to adjacent teeth.
  • Bruxism
    • The grinding of the teeth during sleep; occurs in children and adults and causes abrasion of the tooth enamel

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